Thermofloc Tape


Thermofloc Tape


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Thermofloc Tape, 25m length

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Thermofloc Tape

Thermofloc Tape is used for airtight sealing of the Thermofloc vapour control layer and breather membrane.

Thermofloc Adhesive tape is specially adapted to Thermofloc products and when combined with the Thermofloc vapor control layer and the Thermofloc VSD membranes, constitutes a complete thermal insulation system.

Tapes are available in sizes of 25m x 14.6cm and 25m x 6cm

* Polyethylene universal adhesive tape with acrylate glue is used for airtight sealing of areas where Thermofloc vapour-proof linings are perforated or overlapping.

* *The adhesive coating consists of solvent- and emollient-free acrylate.


ProductWidthLengthRolls per pack
Thermofloc Adhesive Tape6 cm25.0 mSingle
Thermofloc Adhesive Tape14.6 cm25.0 mSingle

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