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Render mesh – Alkali Resistant Fibre Glass Mesh

Render mesh is used to reinforce plasters and renders to minimise the likelihood of shrinkage or movement cracks. It can be applied across vulnerable joints, electrical chases, corners of windows and doors and across the whole surface of newly rendered or plastered walls.

When applying backing coat plasters onto carrier boards like Woodfibre or Wood Wool boards it’s advised to “sandwich” the render mesh into the backing coat. This will reinforce the plaster to minimise the chance of shrinkage or movement cracks at the joints of the carrier boards.

Available in either 160gm or 145gm
4 mm mesh (160gm) – 50m x 1.0 m
10 mm mesh (145gm) – 50m x 1.0 m
Also supplied by the running metre

Render mesh for thin coat plaster and render systems tends to be the 4mm (160gm), when reinforcing thicker traditional types of mortar the 10mm (145gm) is used.

  • Ideal for reinforcing external render particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness.
  • It can be used to stabilise unstable surfaces, as well as cover and help prevent cracking.
  • It is a flexible lattice made from special woven glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet base coat render.
  • The render reinforcing fibreglass mesh is made out of alkaline resistant glass yarns and has been tested to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 tensile strength standards.
  • Easy to install, by embedding it in to wet base coat render especially for large surface areas.
  • Durable and Reliable.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • Adaptable to uneven surfaces.
  • Only simple tools required. (Scissors / Utility Knife).


4mm Mesh Roll 50 m x 1.0 m160 gm50 m²
4mm Mesh running metre1 m x 1 m160 gm1 m²
10mm Mesh Roll50 m x 1.0 m145 gm50 m²
10mm Mesh running metre1 m x 1 m145 gm1 m²
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