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Pozzolan (a powdered additive made from burnt clay) is used to achieve a hydraulic set in traditional hot lime mortars and plasters.

Argical-M 1000

Argical-M 1000 Pozzolan is helpful when applying hot lime mixes in damp, frost prone or exposed locations. The addition of Argical to hot lime mixes will increase compressive strength which helps to offer additional protection during the carbonation period.
Traditionally, volcanic ash, brick dust and other forms of burnt clays were used as additives in hot lime mixes and today this is refined in the form of Argical-M 1000. The term ‘pozzolan’ originates from the Italian town of Pozzuoli where volcanic ash was added during Roman times.

We recommend adding a pozzolan between 5% – 10% by volume depending on the time of year, exposure and use.

Available in either 25kg bags or 2 litres for smaller tubs of mortar.

Terracotta brick dust is also available as an alternative in 20kg bags.


Argical 25kg25 Kg
Argical 2 Litre2 Litre
Brick Dust 20kg20 Kg
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