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Expanded perlite is a white, ultra-lightweight aggregate ranging from a very fine powder to an aggregate with a particle size up to 6mm in size. Perlite is inorganic, inert, neutral in pH, biologically stable and has no asbestos content.
It has excellent thermal insulation properties over an extremely wide temperature range from cryogenics at minus 273°C (absolute zero) up to refractory applications at over 1000°C.
It also has a highly adsorbent surface and a very low bulk density which makes it an ideal carrier or low cost filler for many compound formulations.

P10S Super Fine (100L) – 0.75mm – 2.0mm (80-110 Kg/m³)
P15 Medium (100L) – 0.75mm – 3.0mm (90-130 Kg/m³)
Thermal Conductivity (loose poured) 0.05 W/mK

Perlite is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically formed by the hydration of obsidian. It occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently. It is an industrial mineral, suitable “as ceramic flux to lower the sintering temperature”, and a commercial product useful for its low density after processing.

Perlite softens when it reaches temperatures of 850–900 °C (1,560–1,650 °F). Water trapped in the structure of the material vaporises and escapes, and this causes the expansion of the material to 7–16 times its original volume. The expanded material is a brilliant white, due to the reflectivity of the trapped bubbles. Unexpanded (“raw”) perlite has a bulk density around 1100 kg/m3 (1.1 g/cm3), while typical expanded perlite has a bulk density of about 30–150 kg/m3 (0.03–0.150 g/cm3).

Perlite Applications

Cavity fill
Void filler
Lightweight plasters and renders
Animal and poultry feeds
Fireproofing compounds
Artificial stone
Chimney lining

Chimney Linings

Lighweight aggregates suitable for insulating chimney liners and in-situ pumped perlite concrete systems. Covering a temperature range of -200 oC to 1206 oC they are ideal for both new build and refurbishment applications.

Expanded Perlite is an ideal material for insulating chimneys, it has excellent thermal insulating properties and does not support combustion. In addition, most acids do not affect it. Perlite chimney insulation may be mixed on-site, but pre-mixed material is commonly used to ensure consistent quality control. For new constructions Perlite loose-fill chimney insulation may be used between the flue and the body of the chimney. Expanded Perlite can be manufactured to weigh from 50kg/m³ (3lb/ft³) to 130kg/m³ (8lb/ft³).

Reconditioned Chimneys

Pumped chimney lining is often used in the repair or relining of existing chimneys. In this type of installation a rubber tube is inserted the length of the chimney to be relined. The tube is supported and sealed off in the firebox or at the base of the chimney and then is inflated to the desired diameter. Both round and elliptical tubes are available depending on the configuration of the chimney. Spacers maintain the tube in position in the chimney. Perlite is then pumped into the space between the tube and the inside of the chimney. When the mix has set for a minimum of 12 hours the tube is deflated and withdrawn and the top of the chimney is capped off with mortar. As there are many variables involved in a proper installation, trained personnel should be used to prepare mixes and to reline chimneys. In all cases the procedures and mix formulations employed should meet applicable building requirements and regulations.

New Construction

Expanded Perlite and cement may be used to insulate new masonry chimneys as they are being constructed. In this type of installation, the perlite is poured, pumped or hand placed between the flue liner and the inner wall of the existing chimney as it is being constructed. This same type of construction may be employed when ceramic, clay, pumice or metal liners are being used. Expanded perlite can also be used with other binders in the manufacture of prefabricated chimney liners.

Technical Data Sheets

Product Data Sheet – Silvaperl P10S

Product Data Sheet – Silvaperl P15


ProductPackagingSizeBulk Density
P10s Super Fine100 Litre (30 bag pallet)0.75mm – 2.0mm80 – 110 Kg/m³
P15 Medium100 Litre bag0.75mm – 3.0mm90 – 130 Kg/m³
P15 Medium100 Litre (30 bag pallet)0.75mm – 3.0mm90 - 130 Kg/m³
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