Pavatex LDB 0.02 Retrofit Membrane


Pavatex LDB 0.02 Retrofit Membrane


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Pavatex LDB 0.02 Retrofit Membrane

Permeable airtight membrane with two self-adhesive strips.

PAVATEX LDB 0.02 is used as a second fit airtightness layer when re-covering the roof while retaining and/or extending the existing between-rafter insulation with PAVAFLEX.

A top cover with ISOLAIR (minimum thickness 35 mm) must then be applied. The airtight seal is formed with the PAVATEX LDB 0.02 laid flat, directly on the upper side of the rafters.

The longitudinal joints are glued using the integrated two-way self-adhesive strips. Airtight glueing of the transverse joints, the connections and penetrations are done using PAVATEX sealing products.

If mechanically secured, PAVATEX LDB 0.02 can be left exposed to the weather for 1 week.

See the detailed PAVATEX installation instructions for the application of PAVATEX LDB 0.02 in walls.

• Approved and tested airtight membrane
• Easy installation with two double-sided integrated self-adhesive strips
• Can be exposed to weather up to 1 weeks
• Verified system accessories including Pavatex system guarantee


Supplied in 1.5 m x 50 m rolls (75 m²).


Material three-layer polypropene composite
Thickness [mm] 0,72
Specific mass [g/m2 ] 180
Water vapour diffusion equivalent (Sd) [m] 0,02
Resistance to water penetration W1
Flexibility at low temperature [°C] ≤-20
Temperature resistance [°C] -40/+80
Tensile strength (L/T) [N/50 mm] 315/250
Elongation at maximum tensile strength (L/T) [%] 55/45
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) (L/T) [N/50 mm] 220/230
Reaction to fire (EN 13501–1) E
Minimum installation temperature [°C] 0

Technical Data Sheets

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