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Isolair Multi

Multipurpose wood fibre insulation board with a tongue & groove. For cladding, tiling, plaster and render. Isolair Multi wood fibre insulation is the perfect insulation solution for both modern and traditional homes. With a high thermal mass and excellent moisture buffering properties, the benefits of wood fibre are far more than just its environmental sustainability.

Isolair Multi is a natural and ecological vapour-permeable, windproof and water-repellent thermal insulation board based on wood fibre made according to a dry process. Isolair Multi is mainly used in pitched roofs and ventilated facades. The boards can be exposed to weather for up to 3 months and are waterproof according to EN 14964. In the case of open facade cladding, the installation of a UV-resistant membrane, such as SOPLUTEC UV, is required. Always consult the local regulations and installation guidelines of the manufacturer.

Please see variations for board sizes and details.

Technical Data

Density (kg/m3)

30-35 mm 200
40-80 mm 165
100-200 mm 145

Thermal conductivity (λd) (EN 13171) (W/(m.K)

30-35 mm 0,044
40-80 mm 0,043
100-200 mm 0,041

Specific heat capacity (c) (J/(kg.K) 2100

Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient (μ) [-]
30-35 mm 3
40-80 mm 4
100-200 mm 3

Reaction to fire (EN 13501–1) E

Compressive strength at 10 % deformation (kPa)
30-35 mm 200
40-200 mm 100

Tensile strength perpendicular to faces (kPa)
30-35 mm 30
40-200 mm 10

Waste code according to The European Waste Catalogue
(EWC) 030105; 170201; 170604

Edge profile tongue & groove

Thermal insulation both in summer and in winter

One advantage that is particularly noticeable in winter: thanks to the woodfibre, the home retains its comfortable warmth for a long time, because the extraordinary thermal-insulating characteristics of woodfibre materials avoid heat loss. The natural porosity and the composition of the fibres make the wood a particularly effective insulator.

Thanks to the woodfibre you can enjoy a mild temperature even on hot days. The attics in fact tend to heat up a lot in summer because the roof captures the warmth of the sun on a very large surface. Woodfibre board products have a higher weight than, for example, glass wool and can offer greater resistance to solar radiation (greater heat storage capacity). The daytime heat is then released only in the evening hours, cooler.

Technical Data Sheets

BBA Certification – Pavatex Isolair and Pavatherm-Combi Sheathing Boards

BBA Certification – Pavatex Isolair and Pavatherm-Combi Sarking Boards

Declaration of Performance – Pavatex Isolair Multi

Environmental Product Declaration – Pavatex Dry process wood fibre insulation

Product Data Sheet – Pavatex Isolair

Technical Data Sheet – Pavatex Isolair

Pavatax Product Range Brochure



ThicknessBoards/palletDimensions (net)Board CoverageMass/palletNotes
30 mm741860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²509 Kg
35 mm641860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²514 KgFull Pallets Only*
40 mm561860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²424 Kg
52 mm401860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²394 Kg
60 mm361860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²409 Kg
80 mm281860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²424 Kg
100 mm221860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²366 Kg
120 mm181860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²359 Kg
140 mm161860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²372 KgFull Pallets Only*
160 mm141860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²372 KgFull Pallets Only*
180 mm121860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²359 KgFull Pallets Only*
200 mm101860 mm x 590 mm1.097 m²333 KgFull Pallets Only*

*Special orders supplied in full pallets only. Additional lead times will apply. Please contact us for details


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