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Thermafleece NatraHemp

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Thermafleece NatraHemp

Thermafleece NatraHemp can be used in most situations where plant fibres are preferred

Hemp is a fast-growing, low-impact plant crop that produces fine fibres suitable for insulation. Thermafleece NatraHemp is a medium density insulation rich in natural hemp fibres and is a safe, efficient and durable alternative when plant fibre is the preferred choice.

Thermafleece NatraHemp fits securely between rafters, joists and studs providing excellent thermal insulation performance. What’s more, with a density of 28 kg/m3, Thermafleece NatraHemp can provide good acoustic insulation in a variety of systems.

• Thermal Conductivity: 0.042 Wm-1K-1
• Density: 28kgm-3
• Vapour Resistivity: 9 MN·s·g–1m–1
• Water Absorption (@100% RH): 17% w/w
• Specific Heat Capacity 1800 Jkg-1K-1
• Spread of Fire to BS 5803-4: pass
• EN 11654:1997: Class A @ 100mm
• EN 11654:1997: Class A @ 70mm
• Embodied Energy (Net of Non-Fossil Feedstock Energy): 10 MJkg-1
• Recycled Content: 37.5%
• Recyclable: Yes

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ProductThicknessWidthLengthItems per packCoverage per pack
NatraHemp50 mm370 mm1.2 m4821.31 m²
NatraHemp50 mm570 mm1.2 m3221.89 m²
NatraHemp70 mm370 mm1.2 m3615.98 m²
NatraHemp70 mm570 mm1.2 m2416.42 m²
NatraHemp100 mm370 mm1.2 m2410.66 m²
NatraHemp100 mm570 mm1.2 m1610.94 m²
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