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Keim Soldalit-Fixativ


Keim has different pricing groups depending on the colour selected, please add the quantity required to your quote request and we’ll price accordingly.

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KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ

KEIM Soldalit Fixativ is sol-silicate binding agent and dilution for use with the KEIM Soldalit system. KEIM Soldalit Fixativ is used to consolidate friable surfaces as a binder coat and as a dilution coat for the KEIM Soldalit system as required.

Silicate primer and thinner based on sol-silicate (combination of silica sol and water glass). It is used as a primer for highly absorbent substrates or partial surfaces or as a thinner for KEIM Soldalit® and KEIM Soldalit-Grob in the base coat on highly absorbent substrates. KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ is awarded with Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver and C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Gold.

Colour shade

Milky, bluish


0.15L per square metre as base coat. Consumption rates are offered for guideline purposes only and are quoted for smooth surfaces. Actual rates are the responsibility of the applicator. Project specifications should be referred to for specific rates.

Pack size: 5 L / 20 L

Technical Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet – KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ

Technical Data Sheet – KEIM Soldalit-Fixativ

KEIM External Paint Systems Brochure

C2C Silver Certificate – KEIM External Paint Systems

C2C Material Health Gold Certificate – KEIM External Paint Systems




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