HempBuild Building Shiv

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HempBuild Building Shiv


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HempBuild Building Shiv

Natural Hemp Shiv made from UK crops.

Hemp construction uses renewable crop-based materials that absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow, providing an opportunity to capture and store CO2 in the fabric of buildings for their entire lifespan. Sustainable building products are being made from all parts of the hemp plant and are ideal for use in both renovation and new build projects. Hemp fibre can be made into “user-friendly” recyclable loft insulation which does not contain any harmful ingredients and compressed hemp shiv is used to make fibreboard, but by far the most exciting development is hemp lime plaster and hempcrete, an insulating material that can be used for construction.


Hemp-lime composite materials absorb moisture vapour and allow it to pass through the fabric of the building; This effect is known as ‘breathing walls’. Structures built from non-breathable materials can trap moisture, which is very likely to cause mould growth, particularly if there is insufficient ventilation and high levels of condensation. Breathability also helps to protect the fabric of the building, particularly against decay in the timbers.

Hemp and lime masonry construction is unique because it provides a method of building which is structurally sound, can provide thermal and acoustic insulation, thermal mass and storage but can also be used as the external skin of a building. It is extremely simple to construct, using just one method to meet many very different requirements for walls, floors, and even roofs.


HempBuild Coarse180 litre bale18 Kg (approx)Approx 20mmHempcrete and Insulation for plaster backing coats
HempBuild Fine180 litre bale18 Kg (approx)Approx 3mmHempcrete and Insulation for plaster top coats
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