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Hemp Blocks

Hempcrete is an amazing natural building material with many advantages unfortunately, there have traditionally been several issues which have restricted its wider use, such as requiring specialist knowledge, inconsistent supply and ultimately higher cost.

We have resolved these issues by using hemp blocks, which require no specialist skills or equipment, and by Partnering with Senini we have secured a regular high-quality supply, making the blocks more cost effective and available for more general use.

Why Build with Hemp Blocks?

  • Eco friendly
  • High insulative properties
  • Sound absorbing
  • Non-Flammable
  • Thermal mass
  • Carbon negative
  • Energy saving
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural

Hemp Block Uses:

Hemp blocks are the most accessible form of hempcrete, they are easy to use and require no special tools or machinery. They are light, easy to handle and with their size progress on site is very quick.

  • Internal or external solid wall insulation to existing properties.
  • New build walls around a steel frame or oak/ glu-lam feature frame.
  • New build walls in conjunction with a stud timber frame.
  • Floor insulation.
  • Roof insulation.
  • Internal wall where high acoustic performance is desired.
  • Intermediate floor insulation where high acoustic performance is desired.
  • Sensitive restorations

Are hempcrete blocks for you?

  • Are lower running costs more important to you than low cost up-front?
  • Is living in a healthy home with no chemical off-gassing important to you?
  • Are you concerned about the environmental cost of your material choices?
  • Would you like your home to clean up the atmosphere by capturing and locking up carbon?
  • Are you willing to adapt your design in pursuit of the above aims?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any above then hempcrete is for you, welcome aboard and give us a ring, we salute you and would really like to help.

  • Do you see new materials and an altered design as an inconvenience you could do without?
  • Is cost more important to you than the cost to the environment?
  • Is low up front build cost more important to you than low running cost?
  • Are you happy with using materials that produce huge amounts of Carbon in their manufacture that pollute the planet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then unfortunately hempcrete blocks are not for you, we wish you good luck with your project.

Eco Friendly

Our blocks are made of hemp shiv and hydrated lime. Hemp shiv is the chopped up woody stalk of the industrial hemp plant and is the waste from the hemp fibre industry. It is packed full of the carbon that the plant has taken out of the atmosphere during its growth.

When you build with our blocks you capture that carbon and fix it in the fabric of the building making our blocks carbon negative, as they have captured more carbon than it takes to produce and transport them. The advantage is doubled when you take in to account the carbon that would have been used to make the current insulation alternatives, making it a win, win.

The hemp shiv is mixed with hydrated lime, hydrated lime is made from burning and crushing limestone. Although this is an energy intense process the benefit of using hydrated lime is that it re-absorbs a lot of the carbon dioxide released during burning as it carbonates or sets, giving our blocks a further environmental advantage over other hempcretes.

This makes it more environmentally friendly than using hydraulic limes, or of course cement, which is burnt at a much higher temperature than lime and does not reabsorb carbon as it sets.

Both ingredients of our blocks are 100% natural and waste blocks or waste at the end of the building’s life poses no harm to humans or the environment.

Technical Data Sheets

Hemp Block Spec Sheet

Hemp Block Installation Manual


ProductThicknessWidthLengthBlocks per palletCoverage per pallet
HB8080 mm200 mm500 mm12012 m²
HB120120 mm200 mm500 mm808 m²
HB250250 mm200 mm500 mm404 m²
HB300300 mm200 mm500 mm303 m²
HB360360 mm200 mm400 mm302.4 m²
HB400400 mm200 mm360 mm302.15 m²
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