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Geotextile Membrane – Multitrack 1000

The geotextile membrane is used for separation layers on Eden Limecrete floors that incorporate GEOCELL foam glass aggregate. This is positioned onto the sub-soil bellow the foam glass, then a second layer over the top once the foam glass is compacted.

Available Sizes
100m roll x 4.5m wide
1m unit x 4.5m wide (supplied by the running metre)

Other Uses
MultiTrack is a thermally bonded or needle punched non-woven geotextile that offers many benefits where separation, filtration and drainage functions are required.
It delivers excellent durability and drainage function in addition to its very high water flow capability, but reduced strength in comparison to a woven geotextile. It can also be used for erosion control and protect membranes from being punctured. Ideal for roads, car parks, coastal defences and drainage systems.

• Separating/strengthening layer under access roads and areas of hard standing
• Filter surround for trench drains
• Separation to stop the intermixing of dissimilar soil layers
• Filtration – allowing the flow of water whilst preventing the passage of soil
• Horse arenas – separation of infill materials
• Filter surround for infiltration tanks

Technical Data Sheets

Multitrack 1000 Specification


1m x 4.5m unit1 m x 4.5 m4.5 m²
100m roll x 4.5m100 m x 4.5 m450 m²
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