Cork Insulation Boards


Cork Insulation Boards


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Cork Insulation Boards

Cork boards can be used for internal or external wall insulation with lime plaster/render, also for perimeter insulation for Limecrete Floors.

Available in either 30mm or 40mm
30mm x 500mm x 1000mm (5m² pack)
40mm x 500mm x 1000mm (4m² pack)
Also supplied as individual sheets

Cork Board insulation is made entirely from natural and renewable cork. Providing natural and sustainable insulation (extracted from the cork-oak tree every 9 years), the cork used in the Cork Board system is a breathable material, free from any chemicals, synthetic resins and carcinogenic materials. This therefore contributes to a natural, healthy environment inside or outside of your home.

Technical Data Sheets

Cork Insulation Board Data Sheet


30mm (5m² pack)500 mm x 1000mm5 m²
30mm sheet500 mm x 1000mm0.5 m²
40mm (4m² pack)500 mm x 1000mm4 m²
40mm sheets500 mm x 1000mm0.5 m²
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