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Breather Membrane

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Thermafleece Breather Membrane

This is a light-weight 100 gsm breather membrane ideal for installing on top of loft insulation as a protective layer or under joints to hold insulation in position from below.

This membrane can also be used as a conventional breather membrane over the rafter or on the cold side of a timber frame where a heavier weight membrane is not necessary.  Thermafleece Breather Membrane is installed with the white side facing inside and the grey to the outside.

• Tensile strength: 185/85 N/50mm (MD/CD)
• Elongation: 50/70 % (MD/CD)
• Tear resistance: 75/95 N (MD/CD)
• Resistance to air penetration: 0.045 m3/m2.h.50Pa
• Water vapour transmission properties: 0.03 Metres
• Resistance to water penetration: Class W1
• Flame resistance: F
• Stability to low temperature: -40oC
• Artificial ageing – elongation: 40/45% (MD/CD)
• Artificial ageing – tensile Strength: 160/75 N/50mm (MD/CD)
• Artificial ageing – resistance to Water Penetration: Class W1

Technical Data Sheets

Thermafleece Breather Membrane Factsheet


Thermafleece Breather Membrane1.5 m16.7 m25 m²
Thermafleece Breather Membrane1.5 m50.0 m75 m²

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