Method Statement – Making Hot Lime Mortar

Method Statement

  • Wear safety glasses and PPE, always have sugar eye wash or vinegar available if required.
  • Make small quantities at a time so the mortar is used whilst hot.
  • Use a strong rubber tub for mixing.
  • Use a bucket/scoop to make sure equal measures of quick lime & sand are used.
  • Add two measures of sand to the rubber tub, then put one measure of quick lime on top followed by one more measure of sand, try to cover all the quick lime so it cannot be seen.
  • Add a small quantity of water to the tub, enough to generate the heat but not too much to drown the sand & lime, creating heat is important.
  • Leave for a few minutes, then add some more water & either start mixing with a bucket trowel or electric whisk, keep adding small amounts of water, do not drown it stir to get the consistency you require.
  • If using during the winter months, or spring & autumn when temperatures are lower add up to 10% pozzolan of the quantity of lime that you added to the sand.
  • Use whilst hot so don’t make large quantities at a time.
  • Cover the lime work with hessian, dampen the hessian during the summer months but not during autumn, winter & spring seasons as there is often enough humidity in the air.
  • Hessian not required for internal work hessian is required over winter if windy, it does not want to be dried too quickly with the wind.

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