Guide Sheet – Lime Grout

Lime Grout

Wear eye protection and wear some gloves, if you do get lime in your eyes use eye wash, if this doesn’t solve it go to A&E.

Lime grout can be used on unstable walls, and where some of the rubble seems to have gone missing.


  • 6 x litres of water initially (12 x litres required in total)
  • 4 x litres of quick lime
  • 1 x litre of pozzolan – Argical M1000 or terracotta brick dust
  • 4 x litres of limestone dust
  • 1 x handful of fine fibres
  • 6 x litres of water to finish


  • Mixing tubs
  • Plasterers whisk
  • Funnel and tube – Tractor diesel funnel, large water pipe that fits the funnel


Point the bottom of the wall first around 500mm high, leave a little hole every 1500mm along the wall.

Then at a metre high take a stone out and fill the centre of the wall with the hot grout. When it comes out of the 500mm holes, fill the hole then carry along the wall until it’s all full.

Leave for about a week between doing the next metre.

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