IndiNature is a trailblazer in the construction industry, focusing on the development of bio-based materials and natural fibre insulation products. Founded in 2016 by CEO Scott Simpson and COO Sam Baumber, IndiNature is headquartered in Scotland, UK, and is dedicated to bringing about industrial-scale change to benefit the climate, environment, and public health. Read more

IndiNature Company Highlights:

  • Innovative Solutions:IndiNature product line, including IndiTherm and IndiBoard, is made from traditional UK crops like hemp, capturing a net amount of carbon and resulting in zero waste.
  • Health and Comfort: Their natural fibre insulations are not only durable and soft but also provide passive regulation of temperature and humidity for indoor comfort and health.
  • Sustainability: The company uses leading science to create products that are healthy to build with and contribute positively to the planet.
  • Certifications: IndiNature has achieved the first full BBA Agreement Certificate for UK-grown and made hemp insulation, enabling their products to be specified at scale for retrofit and new build construction in the UK.

Vision and Values:

  • Cleantech and Biotech: IndiNature is at the forefront of the new era of cleantech and biotech in construction, addressing the urgent need for products that capture carbon, contain no plastics or toxins, and avoid ending up in landfills.
  • Community Impact: The company is committed to industrial-scale change that positively impacts the climate, the environment, and people’s health.

With its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, IndiNature stands out as a leader in bio-based construction solutions, poised to make a significant impact on the industry and the world.

Benifits of IndiNature Hemp Insulation:


IndiTherm batts are made from natural fibres sourced from crops grown in the UK, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable insulation material. They are carbon-negative, meaning that they capture more carbon than is produced during their manufacture.

High Thermal Performance:

IndiTherm batts have low thermal conductivity and moisture-buffering properties, which help to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures all year round. They are designed to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, which can result in lower energy bills and more comfortable living spaces.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality:

IndiTherm batts are soft to the touch and support healthy indoor air quality. They are vapor breathable, which means that excess moisture can be transported out of buildings, reducing the risk of dampness and mould growth.

Easy to Install:

IndiTherm batts are flexible, easy to handle, and can be friction-fit between structural framing or against masonry. Their exceptional rigidity resists slumping, which means that they maintain their effectiveness over time.


IndiTherm batts have been tested for durability under extreme conditions and are an excellent insulation solution that reduces waste while keeping buildings dry. They are recommended by Historic Scotland and Historic England because they help preserve buildings by keeping structures dry.

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